vb bag drop bio module
vb bag drop bio module
Secure & quick self-service baggage drop module

With the rise of passenger self-service, bag drop processes are following the trend with clear benefits for airports, airlines and, of course, for passengers. Vision-Box® designed this secure & quick baggage drop upgrading module, based on biometric verification and match with the rightful owner of the baggage.

The vb bag drop bio module provides passengers a quick and comfortable self-service baggage drop process, based on biometric verification and connecting it with its rightful owner. An individual baggage tag is then printed so that passengers can easily identify their luggage.


  • Based on the design and concept of 3,000 Identity Management Solutions implemented worldwide!
  • Increased passenger processing

Shorter lines for luggage handling

  • High Security

Compatible with any COTS top-tier biometric verification algorithms

  • Enhanced efficiency

Optimized airport staff allocation
Intelligent use of airport’s baggage handling infrastructure
Optimized integration with existing baggage check-in counters and conveyors

  • Seamless integration

Adaptable to any airport, airline or passenger experience programs
Integration with FIS, DCS, AODB and AMS
Easy to install, Plug & Play solution
Privacy by Design concept

  • Intuitive, user-friendly design

Automatic eye finding and height adjustment
Clear instructions and immediate feedback throughout the delivery process

  • Improved Passenger Experience

Modular and organic design

  • Efficient and effective integrated monitoring and control platform

Shared across all stakeholders, anticipating all touch interactions and passenger checks
Real time monitoring and control of automatic passenger clearance
Risk-assessment-based approach
Passenger Processing & Flow Management
Passenger Workflow & Business Rules Configuration
Performance Monitoring, reporting & Auditing