vb i-match security checkpoint
vb i-match security checkpoint
Secure Access Control eGate

The vb i-match security checkpoint verifies the passenger’s biometric data, optionally combining the identification of passengers with a boarding pass validation, ensuring that only passengers on the flight itinerary can cross the control point. This process replaces the traditional border guard boarding pass control method that is prone to frequent errors.


  • Passenger authentication

Multiple biometric (face, iris and fingerprint) capture
Optional boarding pass reader

  • Intelligent reporting

Reporting on operational and flow metrics

  • Increased security

ICAO-compliant biometric capture and verification
Optional verification of paper and digital boarding passes and identity documents (MRZ, VIS, 1D, 2D Barcode, RFID, NFC-ready chip readers)
Alarms, sensors and assistance button

  • Enhanced Passenger Experience

One-step identification and clearance of passengers
CUTE/CUPPS enabled
User-friendly and intuitive interfaces
Premium tailor-made construction, blending with the airport/airline environment

  • Efficient and effective integrated monitoring and control platform

Shared across all stakeholders, anticipating all touch interactions and passenger checks
Real time monitoring and control of automatic passenger clearance
Risk-assessment-based approach
Passenger Processing & Flow Management
Passenger Workflow & Business Rules Configuration
Performance Monitoring, reporting & Auditing