KIMO: Access Control Systems

“KIMO Access Control and Management System offers opportunities to our customers with its modules in both access control and human resources fields and with its user-friendly interface.”

Access Control manages who can access areas/resources in an organization. It provides, controls and reports the appropriate inputs and outputs. The system, which maximizes security, also allows the process to be monitored from a single platform.
With the differentiation of security needs in public living areas, the importance of access control systems is increasing. Security systems include card access systems, biometric systems, camera systems, fire-alarm, video management systems and other security system components.

Contactless and hygienic !
Our KIMO Access Control software, which supports IDEMIA, Alcatraz, Nitgen and StoneLock face recognition, IRISID, Nitgen and eyeLock iris recognition systems, which are the most preferred hardware products that allow contactless controlled access, provides fast transition without waiting.
In addition, IDEMIA MorphoWave Compact, which is used for contactless and fast access for facilities that prefer fingerprint scanning, reads 4 fingers in less than 1 second, raising hygiene standards without any problems.
IDEMIA’s VisionPass, produced by associating the latest advances in artificial intelligence and facial recognition algorithms with a state-of-the-art optical set that combines 2D, 3D and infrared cameras to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, provides close to 1 second verification in motion under multiple angles and any light condition, and It works against all kinds of fraud attempts. MorphoWave Compact, on the other hand, displays and verifies four fingers in 3D for maximum accuracy with a single pass of your hand over the sensor. This ergonomic touch solution offers an unmatched combination of security, convenience and efficiency. Although MorphoWave Compact occupies a small area compared to different products, it quickly identifies and authenticates the person.
Thanks to VisionPass and MorphoWave Compact, people do not wait for identification and do not waste time. Moreover; Since recognition processes such as card / password / finger swiping are not passed, the person performs biometric authentication without touching surfaces. These products, which help for the continuity of hygiene, also ensure a smooth transition of the person in case the card used for recognition is forgotten. Thanks to these solutions, institutions now prefer these products for contactless and hygienic transition with a simple hand wave in different usage areas.

Access Control and Management System: KIMO
The KIMO Access Control and Management System, developed by ÖLÇSAN, provides users with the opportunity to control security at workplaces, buildings and sites through installed systems. Working integrated with different access control equipment, KIMO also enables users to make contactless and hygienic transitions by scanning the QR code from their phones with its mobile application.
KIMO Access Control and Management System offers opportunities to our customers with its modules in both access control and human resources fields and with its user-friendly interface. Access Control Systems are managed by the KIMO platform, which inspects the transition between areas, prevents unauthorized transitions, allows authorized transitions, and provides reporting opportunity by recording all this process. As the notifications determined in the system can be sent to the relevant persons; It is also among the features of the application that the chefs send notifications to their staff.