Sensory’s Sound Identification, SoundID, represents the next step in the evolution of speech recognition. 

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SoundID enables developers and OEMs to create devices that go beyond sensing the human voice and recognize specific sounds in an environment. The four core SoundID capabilities; Sound Event Detection, Sound Scene Tracking, Alarm Detection, and Enrolled Sound Detection combined offer a multitude of possible applications from smart home alert systems to industrial equipment safety monitoring.  SoundID, a feature of the powerful TrulySecure™ embedded AI platform, leverages a novel two-stage detection approach to provide the perfect balance between on-device computation and overall recognition performance.

  • Listens for predetermined sounds like glass break, gunshots, dog barks, snoring, alarms, and more
  • Ability to build industrial sound detection for specific product issues or malfunctions
  • Custom end user sounds can be sampled or adapted on device
  • Multi-stage shallow and deep learning for lowest power consumption and highest accuracy
  • Runs embedded on various OS systems (Linux, Android, Windows, etc.) or can be custom ported to low power DSPs and microcontrollers
  • Sensory’s TrulySecure Speaker Verification (TSSV) SDK provides a real-time, on-device, voice biometric API targeting a wide range of computing platforms. The SDK also supports wake-word detection and includes SoundID.

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