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Necessities may be identified correctly only through analysis of possibilities encountered or to be encountered with correct parameters. Criterias like quantitative and qualitative values of needs, safety,efficiency, speed, time and cost balance are evaluated.


ÖLÇSAN designs the best solution with its vision one step ahead of technology and specialized personnel thanks to the experience gained through its R&D activities that it has carried out starting from the date of its incorporation. ÖLÇSAN’s focused approach paves the way for a permanent and global solution.


Designed solutions may be realized with different product options. The right approach is to choose the product that will bring a solution in consequence of an extensive survey. Global business partners leading in their fields suggest the best product with sectoral knowledge and perspective of engineering.


After the determination of the products, the process to be followed for the designed solution is projected by examining all possibilities with the solution ability of the expert staff.


Following all these stages, solution is implemented. ÖLÇSAN provides consultancy services as well as turn-key projects. 


Our company aims to be a global player in the field of information technologies; It believes that it is possible with R&D activities and innovation-oriented approach and implements it. European Union and TUBITAK R&D project studies are carried out together with business partners. Keeping the innovation cycle alive with its R&D activities, ÖLÇSAN is able to commercialize its new and creative ideas. To ensure customer satisfaction; meets the software, hardware and integration needs in the
shortest possible time and in the best way possible.


Biometrics types and algorithms, Smart Cards and Terminals, Embedded Systems, IoT, M2M, Mobile Applications, User Interfaces, Application Platforms and Frameworks, Digital Security and Security, Next Generation Communication Technologies, Cyber Security Management, Deep Packet Analysis, Intrusion Detection and Blocking, Cyber Intelligence, Network Security Solutions, Log Management and Correlation, Integrated Network Wall, Dynamic Password Solutions, Digital Signature Infrastructures, Vulnerability Checking, Cyber Threat Detection and Anomaly Detection


Energy Efficiency Management, Secure Communications, NFC, Payment Systems, Product Modeling/Design/Manufacturing, Digital and Physical Activity Monitoring Platforms, Software Engineering, Hardware Development, Operating System Development on Embedded Systems, Image Processing, Autonomous Control Systems, Biometric Comparison and Detection Software Development, Information Security Consulting


ÖLÇSAN ensures that the solutions it offers are permanent and universal with its principled and responsible approach, following the innovations with its sector knowledge, identifying the needs correctly, developing reliable and fast solutions with its expert staff, directing its services with its R&D studies, carrying out turnkey projects and consultancy activities. ÖLÇSAN is a company that continuously develops its activities in the software, hardware and informatics sector with its domestic and national production.


ÖLÇSAN is a national and international leader, providing innovative and advanced solutions with technologies that shape our lives, supporting academic developments.


  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction
  • Rationalism
  • Productivity
  • Dynamism
  • Sensivity
  • Social responsibilty awareness
  • Distinctness

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ÖLÇSAN founded
  • 1974
First tachograph production
  • 1975
First belt conveyor production
  • 1979
  • 1981
Tetisan Tesisat founded. First Plotter manufacturing
  • 1982
TURKIYE’s first educational robot
  • 1987
Turkiye’s first EUREKA project, First industrial robot
  • 1989
ÖLÇSAN Makina founded
  • 1991
ÖLÇSAN Teknoloji founded
  • 1992
7GEN founded
  • 1995
Mass Transit Management System (IETT)
  • 1996
Biometric projects
  • 1997
Smart Card projects
  • 1998
Transportation Ticketing System Project with Tubitak MAM
  • 2001
Tubitak UEKAE agreement for R&D and Projects
  • 2003
EMV card delivery to Ziraat and Halk Banks
  • 2004
PTT Bank Smart Card Project
  • 2006
TC National ID card project pilot with Tubitak
  • 2007
ITU Partnership for UAV
  • 2008
Access Control System (ACS) Development
  • 2010
Vakifbank Biometric ATM project
  • 2010
Sinpas Residency Access Control Project
  • 2012
TC National ID card project Phase I
  • 2012
World’s first Automated Finger Vein Identification System
  • 2013
TC Social Security Biometric Identification System
  • 2013
ITU Research Center R&D office
  • 2014
ACS projects (TUIK, TC Prime Ministry)
  • 2014
Cyber Security R&D projects started
  • 2014
ACS projects (Istanbul Police HQ)
  • 2015
H2020 REMOURBAN Smart City Project
  • 2015
Vodafone E-Wallet Eyeprint Biometrics integration
  • 2015
DESER and DESTAP projects for the Ministry of Justice and Police
  • 2015
R&D projects (Smart Street Lights, ACS Reader & Controller)
  • 2015
Registered Perimeter Security Product for the Turkish Army
  • 2016
TC National ID card project Phase II
  • 2016
Single Sign On and Screen Security Solution with Face, Iris and finger biometrics
  • 2016
Yapı Kredi Bank, Mobile Banking Eyeprint Biometrics
  • 2016
ACS projects (several Police HQ, TUPRAS)
  • 2016
Garanti Bank, Mobile Banking Eyeprint Biometrics
  • 2017
Screen and Data Protection Solution - EagleEYE
  • 2017
KORUN Security founded
  • 2017
Industrial Smart and Secure City Controller AGAM
  • 2017
City on CLOUD platform
  • 2017
Founding partner of the ITU Cyber Security Cluster
  • 2017
Member of the Turkish Cyber Security Cluster
  • 2017
several ACS projects (YASAR Holding, Poliya)
  • 2018
THY IGA ACS Project phase 1
  • 2018
OTAK Teknoloji founded
  • 2019
  • 2019
İTO ACS project
  • 2019
THY IGA ACS Project phase 2
  • 2020
ASELSAN Border Control Project
  • 2020
YDA Center ACS project
  • 2020
Gülsan ACS Project
  • 2021
SRDR Robotics joined the group
  • 2021


Member of EAB
Member of Advanced Vehicle Technologies and Mobility Cluster
Technical Coordinator of ITU Cyber Security Cluster
Member of Turkey Cyber Security Cluster
Member of Turkey Connected Autonomous Vehicle Cluster


ISO 9001
ISO/IEC 27001:2013
ISO 10002:2018
Capasity Report