Aperio E100 Escutcheon

URUN SAYFASI_Aperio E100 Kablosuz Kol

Aperio E100 Escutcheon

The Aperio E100 lever lock is a brand new technology that works with a wireless battery and includes a combination of lock + card reader. It is an ideal solution for places where cable cost is expensive and labor is difficult. The maximum distance between the lever lock and the communication hub is 25 m. The output format of the communication module is wiegand 26 and can be connected to control panels like a standard reader. The main feature of Aperio is its online connection to the Access Control System with short distance wireless communication technology.

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  • Communication from hub via RS485 bus to the Online Access Control System (addressable) – access decision in the EAC system
  • Compatible with all DIN mortice locks, suitable for locks on glass door wings and walls
  • Main electronics (RFID + radio) in the outside knob – secure electronics inside cylinder core
  • Freely rotating lock cam
  • Outside knob free wheeling – inside knob always engaged (not for VERSION= E/ED, ED/ED)
  • Possibility to store up to 10 emergency cards (only used in case of disconnection from the hub)
  • LED for status visualisation

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