Aperio KS100 Server Cabinet Lock

URUN SAYFASI_Aperio KS100 Server Kabin Kilidi

Aperio KS100 Server Cabinet Lock

Designed to install easily on most swing handle server cabinet doors, the KS100 comes standard with locked state monitoring and utilizes an SFIC (Small Format Interchangeable Core) mechanical key override.  An optional extended DPS monitoring sensor can be connected to ensure that the cabinet is closed, locked and secure.

The KS100 supports HID multiCLASS SE® contactless credentials and uses local wireless communication between the lock and an Aperio hub to provide real-time monitoring and managed access to server cabinet doors that protect against malicious attacks or tampering. 

Categories: Access Control, Personnel Attendance Control
Tag: Access Control and Management Products, Biometrics, Card Printers


  • For use with cam-activated swing handle server cabinet applications with a 150 x 25 mm lock prep
  • 2.4 GHz Aperio wireless technology
  • Supports HID multiCLASS SE® card technologies
  • Integrates with existing access control systems and ID badges
  • Audit trail limited by EAC system
  • LEDs indicate valid/invalid entries; Red/Amber or Green/Amber
  • Integrated locked state (handle), cam rotation and tamper monitoring
  • Automatic relock
  • Non-handed
  • Black finish

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