Single or integrated national biometric solutions with the products of the world’s biometric giant companies and domestic hardware / software. 

Categories: Access Control, Personnel Attendance Control
Tag: Access Control and Management Products, Biometrics, Card Printers, Fingerprint reader, Identity access management, Personnel Attendance Control System, Identity and Card Management, Identity System, Authentication, Biometric Access Control Terminals, Biometric Access, Secure computer with Face Recognition, App access with Face Recognition, Safe passage, Eye vein scar, Physical Security, Identity and Access Security

Biometrics Elements: (Fingerprint and vein, face, voice, iris, eye vein, motion detection…)

Identity and Security (card, terminal, sensor, verification and registration, Logon/log-in, AFIS, e-Gate)

Banking applications (EMV card, ATM, internet and mobile, desktop readers …)

Telecommunications (mobile sensors and applications) e-Wallet, pre-payment and Campus applications

It provides authentication, access control, access to information systems, and transaction security.

*Biometric Verification System, Desktop Biometric Fingerprint, Finger vein and iris terminals, Biometric Access Control Terminals, Biometric Access Control Software.

K!M pozitif KD1000-FP Desktop

K!M pozitif PDi Flex

 K!M pozitif KD-FVP Desktop

 K!M KA100 -FP

MorphoAccess Sigma Lite Series

MoprhoAccess Sigma Series


MorphoWave Compact

MorphoWave SP

MorphoWave XP 

MorphoAccess VP Series

MorphoSmart CBM Serisi

MorphoSmart 1300 Series

Morpho Tablet 2/2i

MorphoSmart Finger VP Desktop Series

ID Screen

VeinID Five

Hitachi H1


nano NXT

nano EXT

nano iXT

UBio-X Face

UBio-X Iris

UBio-X Pro2

UBio-X Pro

UBi0-X Pro Lite

UBio-X Slim



Domain Specific Voice Assistant