Single or integrated national biometric solutions with the products of the world’s biometric giant companies and domestic hardware / software. 

Categories: Access Control, Personnel Attendance Control
Tag: Access Control and Management Products, Biometrics, Card Printers

Biometrics Elements: (Fingerprint and vein, face, voice, iris, eye vein, motion detection…)

Identity and Security (card, terminal, sensor, verification and registration, Logon/log-in, AFIS, e-Gate)

Banking applications (EMV card, ATM, internet and mobile, desktop readers …)

Telecommunications (mobile sensors and applications) e-Wallet, pre-payment and Campus applications

It provides authentication, access control, access to information systems, and transaction security.

*Biometric Verification System, Desktop Biometric Fingerprint, Finger vein and iris terminals, Biometric Access Control Terminals, Biometric Access Control Software.

K!M pozitif KD1000-FP Desktop

K!M pozitif PDi Mobil

 K!M pozitif KD-FVP Desktop


MorphoAccess Sigma Lite Series

MoprhoAccess Sigma Series


MorphoWave Compact

3D Face Reader

MorphoAccess VP Series

MorphoSmart CBM Serisi

MorphoSmart 1300 Series

Morpho Tablet 2

MorphoSmart Finger VP Masaüstü Serisi


nano NXT