Face Detection & Recognition

   – An embedded tilt camera automatically adjusts its angle to the user’s height

 Dual Camera

   – IR(including IR LED) & Color cameras allow face authentication in darkness

 FBI PIV Certified Sensor

 Dual CPU

   – Simultaneous face and fingerprint authentication

 Dual Card Support

   – Simultaneous RF and Smart Card recognition

 5″ Color Touch LCD

   – User-oriented UI

   – Enhanced touch sensitivity

 Superior Matching Engine

   – Top-ranked algorithm in FVC(Fingerprint Verification Competition)

   – Fake fingerprint detection technology guarantees the highest level of security

 Multifactor Authentication

   – Face, Fingerprint, Card, PIN

   – 1:1, 1:N Fingerprint authentication, shortcut ID, etc.

 Crash Report System

   – An analytical report is provided when an error occurs