G-FENCE 2400

636_358 G-FENCE 2400

G-FENCE 2400

G-FENCE is a shock detection system for outdoor fences that offers multiple simultaneous alarm detection modes. Alarm information is reported back either from dry contacts or from the RJ485 output to our MAXIBUS Universal or from the Modbus / API output. The Modbus / API output allows you to return information on your IP network for direct integration with VMS.

Categories: Perimeter Security, Border and Critical Infrastructure Security
Tag: Barrier, Fence, Sensor

During an intrusion, the vibrations (climbing, cutting or tearing) caused on the fence are sensed by the accelerometers attached to the fence and transmitted to the MU, which analyzes the information and generates an alarm when the trigger threshold is reached.


  • Simplified installation
  • Adjustable solution suited to all types of support
  • Multiple settings and configurable alarm zones
  • Remote configuration,maintenance and software updates
  • Simultaneous multimode alarm transmission
  • MAXIBUS Universal compatible: integration possible with VMS

Power supply:12-24 Vdc

Alarm output: Dry contacts, network output to MAXIBUS Universal, ModBus, API

Operating Temperature: From -40°C up to + 70°C

Electromagnetic compatibility: Compliant with European standards (label CE)

Installation: 1 sensor per panel – up to total of 200 m of inert cable (per section of detection cable)

Configuration: Sensitivity setting per sensor or per section / Number of impacts per zone setting

Remote maintenance: Embedded web server

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