Hirsch M64 Controller

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Hirsch M64 Controller

Hirsch M64 Controllers with a Hirsch ScramblePad, ScrambleProx, or MATCH become a standalone, high-integrity, enterprise-wide access control and security management solution when connected to Hirsch Velocity Software.

Categories: Access Control, Control Panels
Tag: Access Control and Management Products, Biometrics, Card Printers

• Controls up to 64 outputs via programmable logic
• Modular use of expansion boards
• High-security supervised alarm inputs (2% supervision) via expansion boards
• Standalone or networked, microprocessor-based general purpose relay outputs and dedicated alarm relay outputs
• MATCH encryption algorithm eliminates facility codes and provides high-security transmissions
• Downloadable firmware via flash memory
• Printer port and multiple reader technologies

  • High-security reader channel — Supports electrically isolated terminal blocks that provide communications and power to the ScramblePad, ScrambleProx, and MATCH interfaces
  • High-security alarm monitoring — Uses very stable digitally processed analog inputs with 2% line supervision, established via module (DTLM, MELM, or SBMS) located at the door contact, alarm sensor, or request to exit (RQE)
  • Relay control system — Controls electric door locks and strikes, arming/disarming security systems, alarm annunciation, elevator floors, HVAC, lighting, storage lockers, and many other applications

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