Hirsch Mx Controller

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Hirsch Mx Controller

Award-winning Hirsch Mx Controllers provide scalable, networked communication, are available in two, four, or eight supervised door models, and can support up to 4000 users.

Categories: Access Control, Control Panels
Tag: Access Control and Management Products, Biometrics, Card Printers
  • Fully supervised Mx-2, Mx-4, and Mx-8 multi-door panels
  • Integrated network communication
  • Designed for use with Hirsch Velocity Software
  • Scalable from a single controller to a networked multi-site/multi-campus installation
  • Connectivity to complete Hirsch portfolio
  • Firmware upgrade via Velocity

• Bay for up to 5 expansion boards:
– Memory (up to 132,000 users)
– Alarms expansion (max. 4)
– Relays expansion (max. 5)
• MATCH Protocol:
– ScramblePads and MATCH2 interfaces
– For extended cable runs
– For entry/exit reader setup
• Wiegand entry reader connectivity for each door
• Wiegand setup via Velocity
• Multi-drop global I/O using RS485
• Firmware can be updated through Velocity
• Supports a wide variety of readers and credentials

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