iCLASS SE U90 Long Range Reader


iCLASS SE U90 Long Range Reader

HID Global’s iCLASS SE® U90 Long Range Readers offer extended solutions for parking and door control operations. With advanced encryption technology, this solution offers the most secure ultra-high frequency (UHF) access control on the market. With a range of up to five meters, the iCLASS SE U90 can read multiple identity types and support a hybrid authentication pool. The ability to combine building entrance with parking and door control on a single card or key provides both convenience and security. 

Categoriesr: UHF, RF-ID

Key Features:

Convenient – Remote authentication for long range parking and gate control.

Dynamic – For ease of maintenance, it can be configured according to the area with a full user interface.

Compliant – UHF ISO 180006C compliant credentials with Secure Identity Object® (SIO®) encryption technology.

Effective Security – Encryption of card data through controllers that provide secure end-to-end communication.