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KIMO – Access Control and Management System

KIMO ensures the security of all entry and exit at your corporation. All personnel and visitor accesses are saved and managed in real-time. The system supports card printing, biometric enrolment and management, secure communication and many security features.

It is the system that defines and ensures the passage of the employees of the institution through the Personnel Attendance Control System doors.

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  • Wide range of hardware support
  • User-friendly, WEB-based Graphical Interface, Modern Design
  • Mobile phone and tablet support
  • Working online and offline
  • Standard report and dynamic reporting
  • Fast and efficient training program
  • Multi-language support
  • Cloud support
  • Compliant with PDPA Circular
  • Easy integration of 3rd party products
  • Technical support/ticket system
  • Extra layer of security to Access Control Systems
  • Detects people and objects
  • Flight in 3D and Infrared Light

Easy to use

The system is designed to be very easy to use.
Users can see all the features and functions of the system with a simple glance at the menu.

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Easy access

Its user-friendly interface is adapted to all browsers. Allows use on any device and operating system.


Enhanced security – Encrypted communication

The system performs the communication using the latest encryption technology. The web server feeds the client information using the HTTPS protocol for increased security.

Communication between server and terminal is protected by AES encryption and uses a unique key for each connection. Data is also protected using encryption SHA for key values such as PINs and passwords.


Encrypted information

To protect user privacy, each template is irreversibly encrypted for maximum protection.

  • Identity access management with biometrics and smart card
  • Identity and Card Management
  • Visitor Monitoring and Management
  • Elevator Access Control
  • Alarm System Control Support and Integration
  • Biometric Device Registration and Management
  • Security Policy Server, LOG Server
  • End-to-end secure communication (AES 256 SSL)
  • Infiltration Detection; Don’t show the photo of the staff at the door crossings. Integrated IP camera support; Authentication of cardholder with single frame and motion picture
  • Integrated License Plate Recognition / Under Vehicle Scan
  • Integrated UHF reader and TAGs
  • CCTV and Perimeter Security System support
  • Escort, companion and two-card display features
  • Emergency scenario module
  • Health Functions: HES code, Thermal Fever Measurement, Mask/No Mask Detection, Contactless Fingerprint Card…
  • LDAP Support(Open LDAP,MSActive Directory)