K!M pozitif KD1000-FP Desktop


K!M pozitif KD1000-FP Desktop

While many biometric readers on the market are only capable of generating fingerprint images, the K!M FP also has the ability to process images on the device.

Image compression using FBI/NIST WSQ algorithm
Special Biometric algorithm for generating templates

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  • Ergonomic
  • Special weighted to prevent slipping on the table
  • Superior performance registration, verification and identification
  • FBI PIV IQS certified sensor with fake finger detection
  • FIPS 201 and MINEX compliant
  • Comprehensive security features including encryption and digital signature
  • Biometric access to computer and applications
  • Authentication on computer, device and card
  • The algorithm is MINEX/FIPS 201 compliant

Proprietary, ISO 19794-2 or ANSI 378 template formats

Existing Templates can be stored in K!M FP’s internal database (up to 10,000 templates).

Biometric matching: MINEX/FIPS 201 compliant
1:1 validation or 1:N comparison (N = 10,000 users)

Enhanced Image Quality

K!M FP’s highly custom developed design produces fingerprint images certified by the FBI as PIV IQS. In terms of single fingerprint image quality (equivalent to ISO 19794-4: 2011 Annexure B), the reference standard is defined to provide particular interoperability between multiple solutions.

Fake Finger Detection

K!M FP equipped with Fake Finger Detection; Detects the majority of fake fingerprints, including but not limited to things made of latex, gelatin, plasticine, kapton, clear film, silicone, rubber, Play-Doh (play dough), graphite, or paper.

K!M KD1000-FP

It can perform one-to-one authentication or multiple comparisons.
It can perform multiple comparisons (1:N) up to 500 people.
With an additional license, the number of people can be increased up to 10,000.
Safety special spiral cable (S-Secure Model)

Physical Properties

Width x Length x Height: 68 x 123 x 39 mm

Special Weight: 350 gr

Work conditions:
Temperature: – 100C to – 500C

Humidity: 10% – 80%

IP 65 (Sensor)

Power Supply and Connection:
USB 2.0

PC Software Applications:
K!M Special SDK and Support Package, optional K!M Registration and Verification Software

High accuracy: False Acceptance Rate (FAR) can be configured up to 10-8 (depending on security requirements) and the number of users in the database is maintained regardless.

Quick pairing

K!M FP has the ability to enroll children’s fingers.

When sensitive data (image or template) needs to be transferred to a computer, K!M FP has the ability to encrypt and sign data with high security.

Multiple security policies are available:

Symmetric and asymmetric keys, key derivation, hash algorithm, random number generator, etc.

Image and template encryption for privacy
Template Signing in X9.84 standard, an extra template security can be done.
Communication between K!M FP and Main/Remote System is protected by 2 types of security modes, standard and tunnel.

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