MATRIX AIR Electronic Door Accessory

URUN SAYFASI_MATRIX AIR Elektronik Kapı Aksesuarı

MATRIX AIR Electronic Door Accessory

The first electronic door accessory that is as flat as a normal door accessory. This extraordinarily slim design was made possible by groundbreaking engineering. The technology is integrated into the arm rather than the accessory.

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The simplest, multi-award winning design

The flat design of the accessory on the door can be preserved if it is retrofitted from mechanical to electronic equipment. The door design does not change in a negative way.

Wide-leaf (wooden) doors only 10.5 mm
Narrow slat doors only 11.5 mm

The extremely elegant design has received several awards, including the iF Gold Award.

Instant and hassle-free installation

Ideal for small applications with only a few doors: easy and wireless configuration of all components by application (only for Bluetooth components).

MATRIX AIR fitting can meet different demands:

For narrow and wide leaf (wooden) doors
black or white cover
Cylinder cut or without cylinder
two different arms

Reader technologies:

LEGIC prime and LEGIC advantage

Easy change

With the MATRIX AIR connection, both the top cover (black or white) and the bottom cover (with or without profile cylindrical cutout) can be easily changed. The door can also be operated with the key.

Same view. throughout the building.

With the OGRO 8115 and 8116 product families, dormakaba offers a range of mechanical door handles that provide a consistent and integrated design approach throughout building design.
The features of the new mechanical lever handle underline the high standards of surface quality, finish and durability typical of OGRO lever handles.

Compelling benefits

  •  Flexible adaptation to new doors
  •  Movable thanks to wireless technology
  •  Economically sustainable system

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