Mobile Threat Defense


Mobile Threat Defense

Our partnerships with leading Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solutions integrated directly into our Secure.Systems platform offers the first fully integrated MTD Solution in the market that enables end-users to remain secure on both managed and unmanaged devices, ensuring they are protected before allowing them to access or download sensitive corporate data.

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By offering Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), SyncDog applies another layer of security that ensures protection is provided to mobile devices and applications by preventing, detecting, and remediating cyber-attacks that continue to become more sophisticated and much more prevalent.

SyncDog offers a containerized solution that creates a vault for multiple applications and provides centralized
management functionality for administrators. The solution offers a FIPS 140-2 Certified, AES 256-bit encrypted, end-to-end mobile security solution. The modular solution enables organizations to custom fit their mobility policies and security measures and align them to the specific needs of the various roles and titles of their entire employee base — down to the individual user. It will no longer matter if the device is iOS or Android, Managed or Un-Managed, Corporate/Government Owned or personal (BYOD) — all can be supported through a single solution. SyncDog protects and manages the device, detects, and prevents malware/phishing and other intrusions, encrypts, and isolates all the corporate or government data/files/apps that are accessed by or stored on the device and offers a private app store for distribution of internal native or hybrid apps. SyncDog can be hosted in the cloud (SaaS),
on premise, or hybrid. All from a single vendor, from a single download and centrally managed in a single administrative console.

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