nano EXT


nano EXT

The nano EXT allows to process people through gates or checkpoints at a speed of up to 20 people per minute, without delays or backups.

Categories: Biometrics
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The EyeLock process is both simple and secure. First, the device takes high resolution pictures of the user. Then, the EyeLock algorithm detects the pattern of the colored portion of the iris images to extract specific markers, also known as “template”. The user’s template is then compared to an existing database of templates looking for an identity match. Once a match is found, the device communicates the identity of the user to the Access Control System. The entire process takes a fraction of a second.

Modular design with outdoor camera and indoor electronic units
Up to 1 in 2.25 Trillion FAR (False Acceptance Rate) (both eyes)
Secure communication and encryption (AES 256)
Wiegand, F2F, OSDP with Secure Channel Protocol and PAC
Integrations with high-end access control platforms to simplify user and device management
IEEE 802.1X network authentication
Browser-based configuration
Two or three factor authentication (requires 3rd party card/PIN reader)
Option to keep the template:
On device (20,000 users)
On the server (1,000,000+ users)
EV1/EV2 smart card (1 user per card)
Mobile (1 user per phone / tablet)
Two or three factor authentication (requires 3rd party card/PIN reader)
Interference detection
SDK available:
C# (.NET)

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