nano iXT


nano iXT

The Nano iXT® authenticates up to 30 people per minute with unmatched accuracy. 

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Need to take the temperature of your employees during this pandemic? EyeLock has recently released the iTemp® add-on temperature scanning module for the nano iXT iris system. iTemp® is an infrared thermal sensor that reads the temperature of subjects while their irises are authenticated. With iTemp there is no need to move to a separate device for temperature control. The technology at the heart of iTemp is a highly sensitive FLIR Lepton® LWIR sensor. This is the same technology found in most handheld IR temperature meters on the market today. The FDA has publicly announced that one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19, SARS and MERS is fever. iTemp offers businesses a very affordable and easily deployable tool to help improve the security of their workplaces while ensuring the highest biometric identity accuracy for access control.


Improved recording software

Remote Firmware upgrades available

Ambient Light Compensation

Up to 1 in 2.25 Trillion FAR (False Acceptance Rate) (both eyes)

Secure communication and encryption (AES 256)

OSDP with Wiegand, F2F, Secure Channel Protocol and PAC

Integrations with high-end access control platforms to simplify user and device management

Option to keep the template:

On device (20,000 users)

On the server (1,000,000+ users)

EV1/EV2 smart card (1 user per card)

Mobile (1 user per phone / tablet)

power over ethernet

IEEE 802.1X network authentication

Two or three factor authentication (requires 3rd party card/PIN reader)

Browser-based configuration

Interference detection

Easy interfaces to access control/time and attendance systems (Wiegand, F2F, OSDP and PAC)

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