ÖLÇSAN – MARS DATA CENTER, Managed Security Service : T-STRAINER

ÖLÇSAN - MARS DATA CENTER, Managed Security Service : T-STRAINER

ÖLÇSAN and MARS DATA CENTER offer ÖLÇSAN’s IDS/IPS product T-STRAINER solution as Managed Security Service (MSS)!

IDS/IPS product T-STRAINER has the features of detecting and preventing malicious file types attacks and strengthening the security infrastructures against cyber attacks. The product offers its users the opportunity to create easy signatures and high speed without the need for special hardware. T-STRAINER, which scans the network traffic with up-to-date signatures and detects and blocks threats, serves on top of firewall layers. The product, which is the cyber shield of the IT departments of companies, offers high-performance solutions to users who care about security. With its user-friendly interface, T-STRAINER has a user-friendly management interface.

ÖLÇSAN & MARS DATA CENTER provides a remarkable cyber security solution service with T-STRAINER. The product has wider support for L1-L7 protocols and metakeys than any other competitor on the market. The system also enables to take precautions against threats with its continuously updated advanced signature library.