ÖLÇSAN, Roqos cooperation is getting stronger to prevent attacks in the field of cyber security!

ÖLÇSAN, Roqos cooperation is getting stronger to prevent attacks in the field of cyber security!

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in the IT sector, ÖLÇSAN adds new ones to its work in the field of cyber security with the cooperation of Roqos.

Based in Tysons Virginia, USA, Roqos, with its talented engineers, uses patented technologies developed by themselves to protect businesses from attacks from the internet. ÖLÇSAN is taking a new step in the field of cyber security with Roqos, which attaches great importance to innovations.

Roqos SASE solution, developed by using the latest technologies to protect businesses from online harmful content and malware, is integrated with ÖLÇSAN’s IDS/IPS product. For the new model to be created, marketing studies are carried out in the United States, especially in Turkey, and in different sales regions of ÖLÇSAN.

T-STRAINER, an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS), is a network security system that constantly monitors a network for malicious activity and attacks and takes action to prevent an attack, including reporting, blocking or disabling when an attack occurs. system. The fact that networks have a complex structure, that they are connected to other networks, especially the Internet, with many access points, that cyber attacks are diversifying and increasing day by day, and that these complex network systems can no longer be protected only with encryption or firewalls, the realities are that network traffic is constantly monitored and increased. made real-time detection of attack attempts inevitable. Contrary to other network security technologies, T-STRAINER is efficient enough to scan high volumes of traffic with minimal impact on network performance, is a user-friendly application with an expandable and customizable signature list, configurable operating modes and interface possibilities, are among the priorities. Offering the “Next Generation Firewall” service, Roqos also makes a positive impact on T-STRAINER’s domain with its open source product, suricata.

The study, which was realized with the cooperation of ÖLÇSAN and Roqos, provides services to users for a more protected area in this period when cyber attacks are intense.