K!M SAA - Strong Adaptive Authentication

Strong Adaptive Authentication (SAA) is middleware that manages a wide variety of smart card, smart card reader and biometric terminals.

Strong Adaptive Authentication (SAA) with full backward compatibility and features from previous middleware versions provides full support for most popular devices and smart cards. The system performs End-to-End secure messaging, file encryption, authentication and terminal authentication.


Categories: Authentication
Tag: Smart Cards, Smart Readers, Biometrics


  • Large scale 1:N matching capability as well as 1:1 matching supporting liveness detection
  • Advanced authentication rules, Emergency Login Method
  • Secure login to the PC using strong user authentication
  • Enterprise class password management and single sign-on for websites and applications to implement a
    completely “password free” environment in an organization
  • Supports Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browsers
  • Enables centralized and decentralized enrollment/management and usage of readers and terminals
  • Encrypted file sharing in the enterprise. Secure E-mail, VPN and certificate Acces
  • Support for Common Criteria and FIPs certified multi-device and multi-factor authentication including
    Biometrics, Smart Cards, Hardware Tokens, RFID and Barcode etc
  • Mobile device support

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