Secure PIN


Secure Pin

Storing confidential information such as access information and PIN code is an important issue in the digital age. In order to ensure data security and especially to prevent malicious use in internet banking, confidential numbers must be protected until they reach the final addresses. Schreiner PrinTrust offers a wide range of reliable high-tech products in the field of PIN security. With PIN Safe, a particularly economical product has been developed that fulfills all requests regarding PIN security.

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Combined security
PIN Safe seals PINs between two security chains with manipulation security.

  • First, an opaque main label is attached to the paper.
  • Individual PIN is written on the main label by means of ink or laser printing.
  • Afterwards, the PIN Safe label is attached to the PIN so that the number is covered securely.

PIN Safe provides maximum security against prying eyes, thanks to the absolute opaque covering of PIN from the top and bottom.

Thanks to the Void effect integrated into the top label, even the most novice can immediately notice a forgery or manipulation attempt.

Perfect protection
Thanks to PIN Safe, Schreiner PrinTrust creates new criteria for sending PINs from the place where the letter is prepared to the consumer’s mailbox.

  • Optimal protection:

Unaffected by heat, cold, solvents or excessively intense light: PIN Safe protects the PIN code against unauthorized viewing.

  • Independently tested:

The result of detailed tests carried out by testing institutions such as FOGRA and PIRA: There is no optical, chemical or physical method by which the PIN code can be learned unnoticed when PIN Safe is used.

PIN Safe label has been tested by PIRA according to APACS Standard 72 and Class 4 has been evaluated as the highest level of security that can be given.

  • Demonstrable safety during preparation:

It can be added to a personalization system with PIN printing and top tag manipulation security.

Practical and stylish
Easy positioning and application for the reader: PIN Safe leaves a positive impression on the recipient, thanks to its user-friendly general concept.

  • The end user can see the PIN code by scraping the holographic protective layer.
  • The recipient finds the PIN code directly in the text with the application information on the letter, because PIN Safe can be printed on normal letter paper.

Important individuality
Sizes and colors of the PIN Safe label can be determined as desired. This ensures that brand and advertising messages are combined on a single surface so that every user can see it 100%.

  • Wide selection of interesting standard designs
  • Thanks to an individualized holographic scraping surface, PIN Safe turns into an image-creating advertising carrier
  • Individual adaptation of size and color enables a design suitable for CI and layout

Extremely economical
Just when cost pressure increases, economical solutions that provide cost savings without sacrificing security are sought. PIN Safe offers maximum security from the preparation stage to the consumer at an affordable price.

  • Preparing economic mail using normal paper
  • It provides fast preparation, short turnaround times and efficient use of resources
  • Bottom label and top label can be attached to all existing dispenser systems with little effort

Optimal service – Individual solutions
Schreiner PrinTrust company is considered one of the market leaders in this segment, thanks to its more than ten years of experience in the manufacture of security systems protected against manipulation and forgery.

  • Comprehensive consultancy:

Experts of Schreiner PrinTrust are at the service of their customers with their extensive knowledge and experience.

  • Individual solutions:

From standard label to special development: Schreiner PrinTrust produces solutions that optimally meet the needs of the customer.

  • Optimal integration:

Based on safety-related demands and current production processes, Schreiner ProSecure offers complete solutions that provide maximum economy and security.

Thanks to comprehensive quality management, the highest expectations are fulfilled. The proof of this is that it has been documented according to the strict rules of the North American Security Products Organization (NASPO).

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Maximum manipulation security:
    • No undetected PIN access
  • CD-compliant product design with individual anti-counterfeiting
  • Fast processing in standard envelope systems
  • Economic mail preparation:
    • No need for special paper, suitable for printing with normal laser printers

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