SENSTAR Video Management Software (VMS)

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SENSTAR Video Management Software (VMS)

Senstar Symphony software provides a single solution for video, security and information management. Senstar Symphony works with cameras from all major manufacturers. It is easy to use.

Categories: Video Management System
Tag: Physical Security, Camera

Senstar Symphony uses a unique, high-performance architecture that simplifies deployment planning, reduces server costs, and is highly scalable:

• Optimized for all video management software
(VMS) functions (video, management and analytics), Senstar Symphony does not require dedicated servers for certain functions.
• Built-in server redundancy and automatic failover eliminate complex and costly Windows® Clustering requirements.
• Support additional cameras by adding additional server resources – no reconfiguration or licensing scheme changes required.

Scalable, high-performance architecture
• Scales to support thousands of cameras
• Simple licensing for each camera
(no client or server limitations)
• Embedded server, database, and storage failover
• Centralized cloud management via Senstar Enterprise Manager™

Easy to use

• Web-based management
• Powerful, intuitive Windows® operator client
• Web and mobile clients
• Graphical video analytics configuration

Open ecosystem
• Multi-vendor camera support
• Runs on ready-to-use hardware
• ONVIF Profiles S and G

Intelligent video analytics
• Native video analytics for alarm generation and business intelligence
• Available individually or in packs

Cyber security and privacy
• Role-based access with partial permissions
• Privacy controls
• TLS 1.2 encryption

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