Shearmagnet Locks 1500 kg

URUN SAYFASI_Shearmagnet Kilitler 1500 kg

Shearmagnet Locks 1500 kg

ASSA ABLOY 1354 electromechanical lock series are used in doors that need high strength. The magnetic and mechanical locking together achieve a bearing capacity of 1,500 kg. It is used in recessed type applications.

Categories: Access Control System, Card Readers
Tag: Technology, Safe passage, Physical Security, Secure Access, Magnetic Locks


  • “It works on the basis of staying locked (fail safe) while there is energy.
  • It has a holding capacity of 1,500 kg.
  • The normal operating voltage can be selected as 12-24 V DC.
  • It is used in recessed type application only.
  • There is a monitoring contact that indicates the lock status (locked/open).
  • The locking delay after the door is closed can be adjusted between 1-30 seconds.
  • Horizontal and vertical application can be made.
  • Maximum holding range ; 4 mm for 12 VDC ; 5mm for 24 VDC
  • Applicable to wooden, steel and aluminum doors
  • It is compatible with all card access systems.

1354 Series:

1354-0100 Recessed type, 12-24V DC, 30 mm wide
1354-0102 Recessed type, 12/24V DC surface luminaire
1354-0201 Surface type, 12-24V DC, polished silver

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