KIMO STMS - Security Threat Management System

STMS provides security operators with an integrated view of the site security situation, with access to functions adapted according to the role of each operator. For example, an operator may only supervise a portion of the site, or control a specific sensor.

A typical critical infrastructure security control room would incorporate a number of work positions for operators and administrators of several platforms and related equipments.

Categories: Integrated Security, Cyber Threat and Detection, Access Control System, Personnel Attendance Control, Perimeter Security System, Video Management System (VMS), Infiltration Detection, Strong Authentication and Management System, Threat Intelligence and Capture
Tag: Fire Alarm, Video Management System, Building Infiltration Detection, Access Control

Quick Facts

  • Access control, Time & Attendance
  • Alarm monitoring, Video Security Management System
  • Perimeter Security & Intrusion Detection
  • Vector graphics maps, 2D/3D layouts
  • Mobile device, ANPR, Object/Face Recognition support
  • Integration with major manufacturers
  • Multi Factor Strong Authentication & IAM
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence and Hunting
  • End Point Security

– Processor: min. Quad core CPU
– RAM: 128 GB
– Ports: 3 USB port
– NETWORK: 100Mbs Ethernet port required for client/server connections
– Camera: USB webcam
– Windows XP SP3 /Vista SP1/7/8/8.1/10
– Windows Server 2003 R2/2012 R2/2016
– Google Chrome, MS IE/EDGE, Firefox Mozilla, Opera
– SQL Server
– SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0

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