The TP5300 achieves a high-quality palm image in less than 1.5 seconds.

Categories: Desktop Biometric Reader
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  • The TP5300 captures fingerprint and handprint images with virtually no degradation. Thus making the image ideal for blind print comparison.
  • Scan resolutions of 500 ppi or over 1000 are available.
  • Patented Moisture Discrimizing Optics™ ensures no details and fuzzy ridge lines in pores without pads or coatings.

Live scan fingerprint can be carried out at 500 ppi, or 1,000 ppi, exceeding the FBI’s standard requirements. Thanks to IDEMIA’s patented optical technology, the high performance of TP 5300 innovative platen is completely unaffected by dry or sweaty fingers, latent prints left behind, a dirty surface or adverse conditions such as heat, humidity, wetness or dust. The result is a set of images that allow the minutiae and pore detail of fingers and hands to be seen clearly with virtually no distortion.

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