Transfer Seals


Transfer Seals

Reliable Protection Against Document Forgery

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Government officials, private sector service providers and organizations use stamps and signatures to ensure the legal validity and tracking of documents. On the other hand, it is relatively easy to forge documents prepared with traditional stamps and signatures. Such fake documents are more difficult to distinguish between ordinary people and official investigators.


Transfer seals can be used in place of traditional stamps or to protect signatures. Such seals are used in the processes of certifying documents and registering their legality (authentication, certification), as well as facilitating the prosecution of criminal acts (breaking the seal according to paragraph 136 of the German Criminal Code), such as damaging, breaking or tampering with official seals. . With their special construction and integrated security elements, these seals provide additional protection against forgery and provide proof of authenticity for official forms and other documents. In addition to transfer reliability, printability of intact seals, anti-counterfeiting and verifiability, seals’ resistance to loads incurred in normal use are periodically tested by an independent testing organization.

Application Examples

  • Used in vehicle documents and vehicle licenses according to the German Road Traffic Registration Regulation (StVZO)
  • It is used to verify automobile and motorcycle exhaust emission test reports according to legal requirements
  • It is used to document and approve testimonies and contracts


  • A non-replicable and user-friendly security seal to replace traditional stamp variants
  • Anti-fraud and connected to integrated invisible features (e.g. color changing ink and erasable thermochromatic inks) and invisible features under normal light (e.g. UV fluorescent inks invisible in daylight or machine-readable LaserSecure pigments) (l identification and personalization of authentication)
  • Very easy manual application and precise positioning on the document or protection of the signature using a transparent transfer film
  • Transfer film can be used as a final line or certification label, depending on the application
  • Numbering and/or integrated control numbers can be used in the processes of documenting the recorded quantities, tracking the usage areas of the seal and in the permanent inventory


Transfer seals can be delivered in rolls in practical, environmentally friendly cardboard boxes or, depending on the user’s work environment, delivered on paper in conventional envelopes.

Information processed on packaged seals in readable form or with 2D codes allows the system-assisted production of packaging units.

Seals can be documented with buyers personally or against other criteria based on the seal integrated numbering system. A final line in the stamping process is used as the form’s documentation label, and the operator scans the 2D code integrated into the label with a hand-held scanner as needed, into the person’s ERP/management system.

During routine inspections by law enforcement, such as local or national police forces or criminal investigation units, document verification is performed on the basis of integrated anti-fraud features.

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