UBio-X Pro

URUN SAYFASI_UBio_X Pro ve xpro lite

UBio-X Pro

The world’s #1 facial and fingerprint recognition terminal

Categories: Biometrics
Tag: Secure access, Fingerprint reader, Identity access management, Identity and Card Management, Identity System, Authentication, Biometric Access Control Terminals, Biometric Access, Secure computer with Face Recognition, App access with Face Recognition, Safe passage, Eye vein scar, Physical Security, Identity and Access Security

Equipped with a high definition camera to provide the fastest matching speed while maintaining the highest accuracy.

  • High ambient light conditions: Illumination up to 30,000 Lux
  • High-speed face and fingerprint matching
  • Patented fake fingerprint detection
  • 2MP CMOS Camera w/ IR LED for brighter background conditions, stronger filtering
  • 1.0 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • Intuitive GUI based on Android 6.0 with 5” Touchscreen LCD

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