UBio-X Pro2


UBio-X Pro2

The UBio-X Pro2 recognizes faces up to 3 meters away. It authenticates when the user passes through the doors.

Categories: Biometrics
Tag: Secure access, Fingerprint reader, Identity access management, Identity and Card Management, Identity System, Authentication, Biometric Access Control Terminals, Biometric Access, Secure computer with Face Recognition, App access with Face Recognition, Safe passage, Eye vein scar, Physical Security, Identity and Access Security

Integrated with the thermal camera, the UBio-X Pro2 measures the body temperature of the user. In case of fire, the user’s passage and access to the log data recorded on the server are blocked.

  • Vividness detection against photos, videos and 3d masks
  • High ambient light illumination up to 25,000 lux
  • Visible light technology with IR technology
  • Patented Counterfeit Finder Trace Detection
  • Face recognition up to 3M distance
  • Easy Face Registration

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