Key to Security
biometric identification system; It allows the individual to prove who he really is. Biometric identity is seen as an identity verification system that cannot be used by others. Biometric identification is used in many areas, from the identity of citizens to biometric verification in the health sector or biometric identification of the person at the entrance to banking transactions.

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Biometric transactions, carried out by the use of physical and behavioral characteristics of the person without the need for any objects, bring security to the highest level.

Today, biometrics is used as a person’s real signature. ÖLÇSAN offers solutions in the field of biometrics, from computer access to access control, using all types of biometrics (fingerprint, face recognition, iris …). It provides solutions suitable for different security levels with biometrics, which is a type of signature that cannot be copied or moved.
The process is progressing in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law (PDPA).

With our software platform, we provide unique and integrated biometric solutions in areas that require high level of security.
Besides its own biometric products, ÖLÇSAN has also close partnerships with the leading biometric companies.

• Biometric Registration and Verification
• Software and terminals using fingerprint and finger vein print, eye vein print, iris, face, motion solutions
•Biometric Access Control and Personnel Attendance Control System Platform
• Mobile Biometrics (face, fingerprint, eye…)
• Biometric Payment Systems
• Resolving criminal incidents with live and recorded video analysis (face, motion and person recognition, license plate, etc.)
• AFIS Solutions

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