Border and Critical Infrastructure Security

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Border and Critical Infrastructure Security

The protection of country borders and strategically important infrastructures is among the leading national security issues of every country. Critical facility safety is especially important in facilities containing chemicals or explosives, energy and distribution centers, units operating in the defense industry, and similar public or private institutions. Problems that may occur due to security gaps in these areas can cause serious loss of property and life. For this reason, critical facility safety is handled with all its components and with a professional structure.

Categories: Border Security, Critical Infrastructure Security
Tag: Border Control, Smart and Secure Cities, Coast Guard

Environmental safety planning is used to protect the institution and organization from actions and events that may cause damage and loss, such as fire, theft, terrorism, and migration.

Environmental security components planned with a team of experts in the field ensure better protection of borders/institutions/organizations.

We provide monitoring, protection and management solutions with electronic systems in preventing actions that may impair national security, such as terrorist actions and external power attacks and particularly human and goods trafficking.

• Border Control & Remote Monitoring / Management
• Port Management, Coast Guard, Integrated Border Management
• Critical Infrastructure, Pipelines, Airport and Stadium Security
• Smart and Safe Cities
• Mobile Device and Network Monitoring Systems

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