Desktop Biometric Readers

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Desktop Biometric Readers

Desktop Biometric Readers are devices suitable for use in offices and workplaces to maximize security. 

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Desktop biometric readers provide secure access by supporting the identification of the person when logging into computers or applications. They are readers used to ensure that the right person accesses the right information with permission and authorization, in terms of high-level security for accessing computers and various programs. They are devices in which biometric elements such as fingerprint and vein, face, voice, iris, eye vein are used.

K!M pozitif KD1000-FP Desktop

K!M pozitif PDi Flex 

K!M pozitif KD-FVP Desktop

MorphoSmart CBM Serisi

MorphoSmart 1300 Serisi

MorphoSmart Finger VP Masaüstü Serisi

MorphoAccess MSO 300 Serisi

MorphoAccess MSO OEM Serisi

MorphoAccess Finger VP OEM Serisi


MTop Slim


HID DigitalPersona 4500 Fingerprint Reader
HID DigitalPersona 5300 Fingerprint Reader
HID EikonTouch TC510 Fingerprint Reader
HID EikonTouch TC710 Fingerprint Reader
HID DigitalPersona 4500 Fingerprint Module
HID DigitalPersona 5200 Fingerprint Module
HID DigitalPersona 5300 Module
Fingerprint Scanner LF10

Fingerprint Scanner ZF10

Fingerprint Scanner ZF2

Fingerprint Scanner ZF1+

Fingerprint Scanner ZF1

Fingerprint Scanner F1

Fingerprint Scanner TF1+


Hitachi H1