Detector Fences


Detector Fences

Detector fences are a patented, very high security solution. The first function of these products is to physically prevent an intrusion.
The systems are composed of mechanical antiintrusion components (fence or outrigger) and a
control center.
A detection functionality is built into the system. In the event of a short circuit, fence ramming, or climbing, it sends alarm information to the control center.

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Fences and outrigger detectors are perimeter protection systems whose main function is to physically prevent intrusions. Active fences are composed of detector panels that generate an alarm when someone tries to cut through them or tear them down. Outrigger detectors transmit an alarm information when an intruder tries to climb over a fence, a gate or a wall.

Fence panels, which are mounted on poles, consist of two plates insulated from each other (with electric current flowing through each). Any attempt to cut or disconnect creates a short circuit and triggers an alarm.

The technology strengths:

  • No false alarm possible
  • Provides physical (anti-intrusion) and electronic (detection) protection
  • Creation of active cages to protect highly secured access and small zones

Sorhea presents a unique patented fence detector where two insulated plates send an alarm when they come into contact.

  • Each fence panel is made of 2 plates that are electrically insulated from each other.
  • One is grounded and the other is phase connected. If one of the plates is damaged during an intrusion attempt, a short circuit will triggers an alarm signal.


A Reliable system and a customized solution that matches the site requirements
Antiintrusion protection + Detection at the top of the fence: outriggers with automatic reset will detect any escalation attempt
Optimized performances thanks to the installation by our experts

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