HID Aero X200


HID Aero X200

The HID Aero X200 provides on-board IO support for up to sixteen general purpose inputs (supervised or unsupervised) and two general purpose outputs. All supervised inputs support analog-to-digital conversion.

Attach the X200 to an X1100 intelligent controller to perform full input monitor processing or attach multiple X200s to monitor more inputs.

The Aero X200 serves as a form and fit replacement for the VertX V200.

Categories: Access Control, Personnel Attendance Control
Tag: Access Control and Management Products, Control Panels


Custom Rules Processing: Use X200 in conjunction with custom rules engine on X1100 to create elaborate rules for handling input states
Supervised/Unsupervised Inputs: Supervised inputs can support custom A-to-D conversion
IO Module Encryption: Enhances security between intelligent controller and IO modules with AES-256 encryption
Crypto Chips: Protects against malicious attacks to keep keys and passwords safe
Threat Levels: Define up to seven different threat levels that are used to instantaneously adjust user access during lockdowns and lockouts

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