HID Global’s iCLASS SE® U90 Long Range Reader offers an extended range solution for parking and gate control. The iCLASS SE® U90 Long Range Reader features advanced encryption technology, delivering the most secure ultra-high frequency (UHF) access control on the market. With a read range of up to five meters, iCLASS SE® U90 can securely read both single UHF and support a mixed UHF/iCLASS credential migration population. The ability to combine building access with parking and gate control on a single card or fob offers both convenience and security.

Categories: Access Control System, Card Readers
Tag: Technology, Safe passage, Physical Security, Secure Access


  • Convenient – Discreet hands-free authentication solution for long range parking and gate control
  • Dynamic – Field configurable via a full user interface for ease of maintenance
  • Compliant – Supports UHF ISO 18000-6C compliant credentials containing Secure Identity Object® (SIO®) encryption technology
  • Powerfully Secure – Encryption of card data through controller, enabling secure end-to-end communications
  •  Dual payload – SIO® and EPC (Electronic Product Code)
    data payload for backward interoperability.
  •  Multi-layered security (beyond the chip security) –
    Ensures data authenticity and privacy through HID Global’s
    SIO supporting state-of-the-art cryptography (with AES
    128 cryptography).
  • SIO data binding – Inhibits data cloning by binding an
    object to a specific credential.
  • Easy configuration with the embedded web interface –
    Provides all tools necessary for a seamless installation.

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