MorphoAccess MSO 300 Series

MS 300

MorphoAccess MSO 300 Series

The MSO 300 Series is a family of high-end optical sensors. It is based on IDEMIA’s unrivaled experience in the fields of electro-optical and forensic quality fingerprint processing algorithms. It is a device that covers a wide range of applications such as registration, authentication and identification in the industrial/commercial field.

Categories: Desktop Biometric Reader
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Excellent fingerprint image quality: large capture surface, FBI PIV IQS certification

Registration, 1:1 authentication and 1:N identification features

Large internal database capacity: up to 5000 users (2 templates) each one)

Options: fake finger detection, smart card reader, security features

High accuracy: built-in FIPS 201 and MINEX compliant algorithms

• A versatile device that carries out both enrollment and comparison
(1:1 authentication and 1:N identification)
• Excellent fingerprint capture and processing performance with the largest
single fingerprint optical sensor on the market (23x23mm, 500 dpi, 256 grey
– Authentication < 0.7 sec(1)
– Identification < 0.9 sec in 1:1000 mode(1)
– Top grade solution to register young or elderly people, manual laborers (mining,
textile, etc.)
• Overall performance certified at the highest levels:
– FBI PIV IQS (image quality)
– MINEX compliant algorithms
– FIPS 201
– Common Criteria for fingerprint spoof detection (certified by BSI(2))
• Accurate: the false acceptance rate (FAR) is configurable down to 10-8 – depending
on the security requirements – and maintained regardless of number of users in
• Guides the user and automatically controls the image quality during fingerprint
• Large internal database: standard capacity of 500 users (2 fingerprints each),
extendable to 3000 (with MSO IDENTLITE license) or 5000 (with MSO IDENTPLUS
• Multiple template & image formats:
– ISO 19794-2, ANSI/INCITS 378, Proprietary
– ISO 19794-4, WSQ compressed image
• Options:
– Smartcard reader
– Fake finger detection (Common Criteria certified)
– Security features to protect the communication channel between host and
device (integrity check, data encryption)

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