MorphoSmart Finger VP Desktop Series


MorphoSmart Finger VP Desktop Series


It is the first multi-type reader produced by Morpho, the world leader in biometrics, that enables the simultaneous use of finger vein and fingerprint technologies.

MorphoSmart FINGER VP is ergonomic, easy to use and extremely safe. The product, which is suitable for desktop applications; It can be easily used in access control, secure payment, identity control.

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High Performance, Safe and Certain Solution
Combination of two biometric features that complement each other
Standalone desktop unit
Improved performance in registration and identification
large-scale database
Innovative and universal biometrics technology
Superior balance of safety and comfort
Countermeasures against identity fraud
FBI PIV IQS certified


A New Age in Biometrics

Widespread and easy use: Higher success compared to fingerprint with the same ease of use in the verification of biometric data > Low FTE Failed Registration Rate
Unrivaled accuracy: The rates of rejecting registered users or accepting unregistered users are at the lowest level. It has the highest accuracy rate in the areas where it is used. > @FAR=10-4, FRR values ​​are 10 times lower with multitype.
Preventing identity fraud: The new data that emerges with the simultaneous use of fingerprint and finger vein prevents identity fraud.

Best-in-class and broadest security features

Quick recognition:

– 1 sec. one-to-one authentication (avg.)

– 1 sec. in multiple comparison (1:N) (1:500)

Large storage capacity:

– 5,000 users (double finger) standard version

– Expandable to 10,000 and 50,000 with additional license

Multiple biometric data:

– Multiple biometric template

– Fingerprint image (500 dpi, 256 black and white, 400x400pix)

– Compressed with RAW or WSQ (licensed)

– ISO19794-2:2005, ANSI/INCITS 378 approved

Adjustable FAR value:

– Between 10-2, 10-8, (not affected by the size of the database.

– Data exchange is optionally provided via a secure channel.

All together

FBI PIV IQS certified optical sensor records all necessary finger vein and fingerprint data.
With its special encrypted algorithm, it ensures that the data is only used inside the device. (FIPS 201 AND MINEX certifications)
LED warning system for accurate finger positioning
Ergonomic design suitable for finger structures.

Easy setup

Connection: fast communication and power supply via USB
Seamless SDK with Windows XP, Vista, Seven, Server, CE/Mobile, Linux

Fully certified

EMC/Safety standards:
CE, CB, FCC, NOM, NF EN 60825-1 2008-01(Laser safety)
Compliant with RoHS, REACh and WEEE specifications

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