MorphoWave Compact


MorphoWave Compact

MorphoWave Compact is a unique solution for frictionless fingerprint access control. This masterpiece of engineering delivers the awardwinning, field-proven performance of MorphoWave™ contactless 3D fingerprint scanning technology in a stylish and compact casing, suitable for any location.

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Although MorphoWave Compact occupies a small area compared to different products, it quickly identifies and authenticates the person. Thus, people do not wait for identification and do not waste time. Especially during the waiting period, people can maintain their social distance with each other and are protected from diseases that are at risk of infecting each other. In addition, since recognition processes such as card-password-finger scanning are not passed, the person performs biometric authentication without touching surfaces. Since contactless passage is provided, the person maintains the hygiene environment.


The MorphoWave Compact, as the name suggests, is a more compact and more performant conversion of the MorphoWave Tower. It is 86% smaller and 93% lighter while maintaining the same large fingerprint scan volume and providing the same field-proven performance.


MorphoWave Compact takes four finger prints without your hand touching the sensor. This ergonomic touch solution offers a unique combination of security, convenience and efficiency. The reduced size of MorphoWave Compact also comes with low cost, IP65 rating and a rich feature set including time and attendance functions. Thanks to this solution, institutions and organizations are now able to offer a contactless access experience to authorized users anywhere…


Convenience and security

It positively identifies users with a simple wave of the hand. Patented touch sensor technology scans all four fingers in 3D in less than a second, providing the most accurate and reliable fingerprint matching for maximum security.

Versatile, easy installation

IP65 rated and powered over Ethernet (PoE+), the compact wall-mounted reader allows MorphoWave technology to be deployed anywhere. MorphoWave Compact is already integrated into more than 20 of the industry’s leading access control systems.

Multi-factor authentication

In addition to biometrics, MorphoWave Compact natively supports Prox, iClass, MIFARE, DESFire cards and PIN code. It can also scan QR codes for visitor management.

Technicial Specifications
• CPU: Nvidia ARM Cortex-A15 QuadCore 2.1GHz
• 4.3 ” WVGA color capacitive
touch screen
• Speaker and Microphone
Intercom function
• Audio and video player
• Photocell fingerprint sensor
hand presence detection
QR code scanning feature (3)
• Contactless reader options:
Prox, iClass, MIFARE / DESFire
• Tamper switches
• Internal storage capacity: 16GB Flash, 2GB RAM
– 20,000 user registrations (2 * 4 fingers each)
For 1: N definition, expandable
40,000 or 100,000 licensed
– 250,000 IDs in the authorized user list
– 1 Million transaction records
• Network / Communication:
– Ethernet, RS485, RS422, USB (4)
– Wireless and 4G options
• Inputs / outputs:
Wiegand In & Out (customizable)
Up to 512 bits), OSDP, Gate Relay, 3 GPI
(including door monitoring), 3 GPOs
• Power source:
12-24V DC (2.5A min @ 12V)
Power over Ethernet with PoE+ switches
• Working conditions:
– Temperature: -10°C to 55°C (14°F to 131°F)
– Humidity: 10% to 80% (non-condensing)
• Ingress protection: IP65 (2)
• HxWxD = 250 * 152 * 216 mm
(9.9 * 6 * 8.5 inches)
• Weight: 2.2 kg (4.85 lb.)
• EMC / Safety standards: CE, CB, FCC
• RoHS, REACh and WEEE compliant

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