MTop Slim


MTop Slim

MTop Slim is 6 times smaller than existing products, which greatly simplifies its integration into mobile solutions or existing structures.

Categories: Desktop Biometric Reader
Tag: Biometric, Fingerprint Reader, Identity access management, Identity and Card Management, Smart Card, Identity System, Authentication, Smart cards, Safe access, Physical Security, Identity and Access Security


  • USB powered
  • Ergonomic and attractive design
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Extra thin (1 inch) and light (400g)

Usage areas:

  • Batch Registration
  • Obtaining the citizens’ data on-site to create a population record, election database, etc. border control
  • Registration and matching for foreign travelers
  • Criminal Identity
  • Suspect identity and police investigation.
  • E-KYC
  • Banking and telecommunications uses

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