myris® is a USB powered Iris Identity Authenticator™ that uses patented technology to convert individual iris characteristics to a unique code. myris provides unparalleled security, is portable, light-weight and is as easy as looking in a mirror.

Use myris to quickly and easily enroll users for EyeLock’s access control products or to grant users access to corporate domain environments within seconds – users never have to type their username and password again. On the back end – administrators can set passwords as complex as they like and once myris is linked, they can forget them.

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Only DNA is More Accurate

myris uses video of your irises to verify your identity. Since no two irises are alike, the chances of a false match are less than one in 1.5 million (single iris).

CHANCES OF A FALSE MATCH WITH MYRIS1 in 1.5 Million (single iris)

As Simple as Looking in a Mirror

How do you activate that security? Just look at myris. It takes a quick video of your irises and uses it to check your identity. Without traditional logins, password administration and device security are easier, too.

  • Plug in: myris connects to any USB port. Just plug it in, find the app on the desktop and launch.
  • Set up: You’ll be guided through a few simple steps to set up your profile and generate your unique iris-based ID.
  • Get connected: Add your favorite sites and apps to myris. Again, the app will show you how.
  • Look: From now on, you’ll be able to log in with just a quick look at myris.



myris uses video, not still pictures, to get an image of your eyes. At 20 frames per second, it doesn’t take long to get a clear picture and verify your ID.


Every iris is different. Checking one gives a 1-in-1.5 million chance of a false ID.


myris looks at the unique characteristics of each iris and generates an encrypted code. To authenticate your ID, myris matches the encrypted code with your eyes.


One of the most important measures  of biometric accuracy is the false  acceptance rate (FAR).

myris’ iris authentication method  produces one of the lowest FARs in the  field. Only DNA is more accurate.

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