nano NXT


nano NXT

Eliminate long waiting queues and accelerate authentication throughput

nano NXT is a PoE miniaturized iris-based recognition system. The nano NXT is an ideal replacement for card-based systems, and seamlessly controls access to secured entrances, server rooms and any other physical space.

  • Authentication: Video-Based iris authentication in-motion and at-a-distance.
  • Matching: On-board matching and authentication.
  • Connection: Wiegand, F2F, OSDP and PAC for simple integration with all existing platforms.
  • Memory: On-board memory of up to 20,000 people.
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Tag: Geçiş Kontrol ve Yönetim Ürünleri, Biyometri, Kart Okuyucu


  • Network matcher
  • Remote cloud-based matching server accommodates large databases
  • Group Management Software



One of the most important measures  of biometric accuracy is the false  acceptance rate (FAR).

nano NXT dual-iris authentication method  produces one of the lowest FARs in the  field. Only DNA is more accurate.

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