ÖLÇSAN is getting ready to meet with visitors at ISAF Fair

ÖLÇSAN is getting ready to meet with visitors at ISAF Fair

At the ‘Security Fair’ to be held this year, ÖLÇSAN will be at the forefront with the solutions and products it offers in the field of security systems with domestic and national design/production principles.

Bringing together all the professionals of the Security, Information Security, Smart Buildings, Occupational Health, and Safety and Fire sectors, the international “ISAF Security Fair” is preparing to open its doors for the 23rd time this year. The fair, which will be held at the ‘Istanbul Fair Center’ in Yeşilköy, will take place between 17-20 October.

ÖLÇSAN, which is in its 46th year with local and national design/production principles in software, hardware, and integration, opens up to the world with its solutions and products that are suitable for the conditions of the day, with its experience gained through R&D studies since the year it was founded.

At this year’s fair attended by leading companies in the security sector, ÖLÇSAN will exhibit its newest products and applications in electronic security and biometric security.


The latest technologies will be introduced

ÖLÇSAN, whose priority is to offer customer-oriented solutions and products, will take its place at the fair with its domestically produced products and software. In addition to K!M positive developed by ÖLÇSAN within the scope of the biometric authentication system, K!M STMS – Integrated Security Management Platform, which provides real-time situational awareness of system security and provides audit and control, with strong authentication feature ÖLÇSAN at ISAF 2019 ‘s special product that he wants to tell the visitors. With the “City on Cloud” platform, where we implement our “Smart and Safe Cities” solutions, where we work by the needs and responsibilities of the era we live in, it was shown to those concerned at the fair that smart and safe cities that are sensitive to the environment and that have become the new trend do not consist only of e-bikes or e-vehicles. we will tell. Smart General Lighting System Management (AGASY), which is environmentally friendly in energy, maintenance, and support savings and manages lighting systems in indoor and outdoor spaces with IoT modules, is another platform that ÖLÇSAN aims to bring together with visitors at the fair. K!M EagleEYE, which is an identity verification and screen security product integrated with the face recognition platform it is a pioneer in Turkey, is among our products to be exhibited at the fair. For the entrance/exit security of your institution, we will present KIMO, which records the transitions within the institution, monitors the hours of your employees, and provides many services such as human resources management and reporting modules, to the fair visitors who want to ensure all the entrance/exit security of their institution.

ÖLÇSAN at the fair; IDEMIA, HID, Sorhea, Mercury, 3VR, and HIRSCH Iris ID, of which it is the dealer, will present its products and solutions to those concerned with the advantages they have.