Smart and Secure City

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Smart and Secure City

Efficient Life

Smart and safe cities increase the quality of life of individuals; are cities supported by technologies that offer environmentally compatible physical, digital and security systems for a sustainable, modern future.

Smart and safe cities collect data from many points. The data collected continuously from thousands of devices-sensors turns into big data. It is important to process big data and make it meaningful for smart and safe cities.

The data coming from the devices and sensors used for managements such as building management, smart irrigation, smart agriculture, smart lighting, air quality measurement, waste water, urban security, etc. should be interpreted on the platform developed in accordance with smart and safe city policies.

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ÖLÇSAN’s journey, which started with smart card ticketing systems in 1997, integrated its Smart City solutions around public transportation platforms in 2001.

Today, combining data from IoT devices and data from security sensors on a single platform, ÖLÇSAN does not give up on security while implementing green, environmental and social projects.

City on CLOUD (CoC) platform, developed within the scope of the H2020 REMOURBAN project, which started in 2015; It manages renewable energy, smart building automation, electric vehicles and smart general lighting system with IoT modules.
AGASY (Smart General Street Lighting System Management) platform developed within the scope of Smart and Secure Cities; It manages lighting systems in indoor and outdoor spaces with IoT modules.

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