Smart Cards


Smart Cards

ÖLÇSAN; offers end-to-end and turnkey smart card solutions in many areas such as identity, finance, health, telecom, public transportation and access control.

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  • Identity and Security (Cards, Data security, PKI, Logon, biometrics, SM, Access Control…)
  • Banking applications (EMV, card, reader, personalization, AKYS, production and printing …)
  • Telecommunications (Cards, applications, NFC, Billing…)
  • Loyalty, e-Wallet, pre-payment and Campus applications
  • Public transport and e-Ticket applications (AFC, Cards, validators, terminals, turnstiles, parking meters, vending machines …)

It produces software, hardware and turnkey national solutions, starting from the production processes of contact and contactless smart cards, to personalization and the applications to be used later.

*Personalization Software, Smart Card Management system, Smart Card reader productions…

Identity System (ID)

In a defined environment, every system whose main function is to identify persons and identify identities is an Identity System.

  • National Identity Documents
  • Citizenship Cards
  • Tax Card
  • etc

Besides the main Identity and Authentication functions, some Identity Systems have additional functions.

  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Social Security Card
  • Electronic Prescription
  • Electronic Certificate

Why Smart Card + Biometrics?

  • Smart Card + Biometrics: High security for ID solutions
  • A private and unalterable validation mechanism between the cardholder and the card
  • Offline biometrics and auto-approval mechanism with card. Biometrics + smart card
  • Access to smart card information with various authentication mechanisms.
  • Variable and secure information exchange in the field (public institutions, security units…)

Health System

Fundamental Changes and Trends in Health Services

  • The consumer protection approach will bring the patient to the fore and make it more important.
  • Health services will become widespread in the electronic environment
  • Standard applications will be developed.
  • The proportion of the elderly population will increase (Population will age)
  • The use of advanced medical devices and treatment methods will increase

Applications on the Patient Card

  • Medical data will only be used with the consent of the patient.
  • Implementation in Germany was implemented in 2008

Paramedic and Patient Card

Social Security Card (Patient Card)

Providing quality service (increasing the quality of service) Making the patient more important Ensuring transparency and safety Elimination of repetitive procedures and services Supervision of drug interactions, monitoring of side effects Allowing more time to patients as frauds will be prevented

Health Officer Card

Health Officer Card; Ensures the security and protection of data stored electronically

Sharing information securely and quickly: – Encryption of data and reading of encrypted data – Verification with E-Signature Increasing the quality of services

Access Control and Management Systems

Personnel come to the transition point with their pre-defined fingerprint(*) card. After the reader has his card read, he identifies his finger with the fingerprint scanner, and after the pairing is completed, he sees his own name and the time he entered/exited on the screen of the reader and completes the pass.

(*) In our solutions, especially fingerprint; finger vein, palm, face and voice recognition, iris etc. Readers that provide different biometric solutions are used.

E- Campus Systems

  • Get the most secure identification system.
  • Make access control, attendance control, membership tracking and collection with a single card.
  • Provide secure login, messaging and approval to the information system.
  • Ability to work integrated into the banking system.
  • Take advantage of the extra advantages that banks can provide outside the campus, have a secure payment system.
  • Integrate fully with Portal and Smart Class applications through a central database.

 HID Crescendo C2300 Series


 iCLASS Seos Card

HID Crescendo Key Series

HID Crescendo 144K FIPS Series

HID Crescendo PIV

HID Crescendo Temporary Access Card


HID iCLASS + HITAG1 Card 202x