Flexible Face and Voice Authentication Software

TrulySecure is Sensory’s highly-flexible face and voice authentication solution, offering higher security and greater ease-of-use than traditional authentication methods. TrulySecure allows app developers or OEMs to quickly add face and voice biometrics to any mobile, desktop application, or device.

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TrulySecure, Sensory’s embedded facial verification AI, attempts to validate a person based on the matching of a facial image with a locally stored, and encrypted enrolled image – by either accepting or rejecting the identity claim (one-to-one matching). This model is most commonly used to grant access to a device as seen in mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. Contrary to popular belief, embedded biometric authentication systems don’t actually store complete images of human faces in a database. Rather, they translate the image to an encrypted code and will match the user’s face to this code on the next facial recognition attempt.

Voice verification uses a similar process. Voice biometrics require you to create a voiceprint for enrollment. This will be done either by repeating pass-phrases or by providing an extended sample of your speech to the microphone. Voice biometric solutions are typically used for security purposes, and some scenarios may combine voice biometrics with face recognition during the authentication process for enhanced security in industries like law enforcement or financial services.

  • Authenticate users via face, voice, or a fusion of face and voice
  • Face liveness detection protects against spoof attacks
  • FIDO UAF certified for Android
  • Automatic learning of voices over time allows apps to become personalized

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