UBio-X Iris


UBio-X Iris

The UBio-X Iris is integrated with a thermal sensor and measures the user’s body temperature. In case of fire, the user will be denied access and log data saved on the server will be accessed.

Categories: Biometrics
Tag: Secure access, Fingerprint reader, Identity access management, Identity and Card Management, Identity System, Authentication, Biometric Access Control Terminals, Biometric Access, Secure computer with Face Recognition, App access with Face Recognition, Safe passage, Eye vein scar, Physical Security, Identity and Access Security

UBio-X Iris is brand new access control and time tracking terminal. It recognizes the iris at a distance of up to 50 cm. The user wears glasses or masks, protective clothing, veils, headscarves, etc. It provides fast and accurate iris authentication even when wearing it.

  • Contactless Iris Recognition (up to 50 cm)
  • High Speed Iris and Fingerprint Matching
  • 5” Touch Screen Interface
  • High Definition Camera
  • FBI PIV + FAP20 Certified
  • Patented Fake Fingerprint Detection

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